Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.2a

This patch, we’re taking a gander at some champions and items who’ve been in need of some love, and making adjustments to a few of the offenders who’ve been dominating from the jungle. ARURF is making its debut along with the return of Elemental Rift! Welcome to Patch 3.2a!

Welcome to Patch 3.2a! 

This patch, we’re taking a gander at a couple of champions and items who’ve been in need of some love, and making adjustments to a few of the offenders who’ve been dominating from the jungle. June is also right around the corner, and Pride is in the cards!

Oh, and how could we forget! All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Mode (ARURF) is making its debut in this patch, it's the same fast paced and chaotic gameplay you’ve come to know and love—just with a twist! We’re also bringing Elemental Rift back with some new adjustments for you to try out! 

That’s all from us for now, but we’ll see you back here for 3.2b, landlubbers. 

Reminder: content will be released throughout the patch.





Elemental Rift is returning in a limited game mode during our Time & Tide Update! The Elemental Dragons and their buffs will be up for grabs once again, but in this version the powerful Dragon Souls will be making their return! This time, with a new way for you and your team to obtain them: 

Dragon Soul:

  • Slaying Dragons will now grant you points towards getting Dragon Soul.
  • The first team to reach 3 points will obtain Dragon Soul.
  • The first two Dragons will be worth 1 point each.
  • After the first two Dragons are slain, the following Dragons that spawn will be worth 2 points, instead of 1.

With the return of Dragon Soul, we’ve also made a few other adjustments to Elder Dragon and the terrain changes:

  • The terrain will now change after the second Dragon is slain.
  • Elder Dragon will spawn after a team has claimed the Dragon Soul and respawn every 5 minutes.

We’ve loved hearing all your feedback during our previous tests, so please keep sharing your thoughts and VODs from Elemental Rift with us!*

Elemental Dragon will be available on May 26 at 00:01 UTC 

*Content availability varies by region


It’s time to get those thumbs warmed up and shine your spatulas, because the release of All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Mode (ARURF) is here! This fast-paced game mode is back once again, with a twist… the champion you and your teammates play will be completely random! 

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Mode (ARURF) will be available on June 03 at 00:01 UTC



Releasing May 26 @ 00:01 UTC:

  • Cosmic Blade Master Yi
  • Cosmic Enchantress Lulu

Releasing June 02 @ 00:01 UTC:

  • Pulsefire Lucian
  • Pulsefire Pantheon
  • Pulsefire Shen

Releasing June 07 @ 00:01 UTC:

  • Majestic Empress Morgana


You can earn or purchase accessories from a bunch of different sources. Please check the relevant page in game for more information on how to get ‘em!


Baubles: Temporal Departure

Icons: All Tuckered Out; Aquamarine Poro 

Recalls: Chrono Recall

Homeguard Trails: Rainbow Lane

Emotes: What was that?; Challenge Accepted!; Finger Guns.; Pride 2022; No, Thanks.; Oh, Come On!

All accessories will be released throughout the patch.




Our fearless poro friends are making their way to the powerful empire of Noxus!

The Join the Fluft! (Noxus) event begins May 26 at 00:01 UTC



While looking up at the stars, you never know what you may find in this galaxy… maybe even something smol.*

The Cosmic event begins May 26 at 00:01 UTC

*Event availability varies by region,for more information on this event please read here.


PRIDE 2022

It's almost June, and Pride is in the cards, you can learn more about in-game activations across Runeterra here. 

The PRIDE 2022 event begins June 01 at 00:01 UTC



Alistar has been struggling in the Support role for a while now, so we’re buffing his passive to increase some of his resistance to poke in lane. We’re also reducing the cooldown on his Headbutt, so he can make those big plays… or should we say moooves more reliably.

Triumphant Roar

  • Self heal: 20 - 125 (based on level) → 27 - 160 (based on level)
  • Heal for allied champions: 40 - 250 (based on level) → 54 - 320 (based on level)
  • Cooldown reduce per control: 8s → 10s


  • Cooldown: 14/12.5/11/9.5s → 13.5/12/10.5/9s


Camille has been one of the strongest and most prevalent Baron Lane picks, especially in higher levels of play, so we’re slashing some of her power. We’re lowering the trading potential that she has in the earlier stages of the game, while also removing an interaction that the most precise Camille players have been able to use to their advantage. Camille will no longer be able to use the stasis enchant after using her ultimate to lock down any foe without putting herself in danger.

Precision Protocol

  • True damage ratio:100%→ 40/60/80/100% (at levels 1/5/9/13)
  • Movement speed: 25%/30%/35%/40% → 15%/20%/25%/30%

The Hextech Ultimatum

  • [NEW] Camille becoming untargetable causes the Ultimatum’s effects to end.
  • Duration: 2/3/4s → 2/2.5/3s


Since his release, Ekko hasn’t been performing as well as we’d like, so we’re giving him and his time-altering gizmos a little extra oomph. We’re also adding a jungle bonus to his Timewinder to help him fast forward through some of his clears.


  • Base Health:570→ 610
  • Base Armor: 35 → 40
  • Base Mana: 345 → 390


  • [NEW] Now deals 130% bonus damage to monsters


  • Passive base missing health magic damage: (2 + 1.5% AP)% → (3 + 2% AP)%


  • AP ratio: 30% → 40%


Since our recent nerfs to the range of Lunge, Fiora has been struggling to keep up with her fellow sparring partners in the Baron Lane. To lend her a hand, we’re increasing her early game survivability and damage she deals with Lunge to compensate for her loss in utility.


  • Base Health: 570 → 610


  • Damage: 75/85/95/105 → 85/95/105/115


Gragas’ strong damage and survivability along with the utility gained from his ultimate, where he can displace enemy champions during a fight, has led him to become a dominating pick, especially in pro play. To reduce some of his strength, we’re increasing the travel speed of Gragas’ ultimate, so that his impact during those coordinated teamfights is less oppressive.

Explosive Cask

  • Travel speed: 6 frames → 8 frames


Graves is currently one of the most dominant junglers due to his fast clear speed and ability to transition into a late game monster. We’re toning down his ability to clear camps in order to slow down just how fast he can reach that terrifying late game state.

End of the Line

  • Damage to monsters: 150% → 120%


Irelia has been quietly over performing in the jungle for some time. We’re reducing the damage she deals to monsters with her passive in order to bring this Blade Dancer more in line with other junglers.


  • Damage to monsters: 100% → 50%


Compared to their fellow jungle peers, Nunu & Willump are underperforming. To give this icy duo some more safety and clear speed while traversing the jungle, we’re reducing Consume’s cooldown.


  • Cooldown:12/11/10/9s→ 11/10/9/8s


In higher level play, Olaf has been a powerful counterpick when facing teams that have a lot of crowd control. We’re reducing the damage and the slow provided by Undertow to tone down his ability to engage on low mobility champions.


  • Damage: 80/140/200/260 → 70/130/190/250
  • Slow: 25/30/35/40% → 20/25/30/35%


Renekton’s damage has been falling off harder than we’d like to see in the later stages of the game, so we’re amping up the magic damage he deals during his Dominus. This should allow him to continue to make a meaningful impact, even when he reaches the late game.


  • Health regeneration: 7.5 → 9


  • Damage: 40/80/120 per second → 50/100/150 per second


Veigar has been struggling to show his opponents the true definition of pain, especially in higher levels of play. To address this, we’re increasing the stun duration provided by Event Horizon, while also reducing the cooldown of Baleful Strike. This should allow this mastermind the ability to lock down his foes for longer, while also help him achieve that late game scaling fantasy.


  • Cooldown: 6.5/6/5.5/5s→ 5.5/5/4.5/4s


  • Crowd Control duration:1.5/1.75/2/2.25s → 1.75/2/2.25/2.5s


This Hexplosives Expert is still one of the most popular mages, especially in higher level play due to the power of his poke and ability to control areas during a fight. To tune down some of that power, we’re reducing the cooldown and duration of his Hexplosive Minefield.

Hexplosive Minefield

  • Cooldown: 16s → 18s
  • Mine duration: 7s → 5s




Frozen Heart is a niche item that we want tanks to feel good about picking up in the right situations. We’re reducing its cost to make this item a more attractive pick up for when you find yourself up against those heavy auto-attackers.


  • Ability Haste: 20 → 25


  • Total Cost: 2850g → 2700g


With the release of some of the new items, Iceborn Gauntlet hasn’t been picked up as much as it used to. We want to adjust this item to bring it more in line with some of the other choices, so we’re updating Iceborn’s stat profile while allowing its Spellblade passive to scale with bonus armor.


  • Mana: 450 → 250
  • Health: 0 → 250

(P) Spellblade

  • Bonus damage: 100% Attack Damage → 100% Attack Damage + 25% Bonus armor


  • Recipe add: Kindlegem
  • Total cost: 2700g → 3100g



While the addition of Lethal Tempo and Kraken Slayer has done a lot to reduce the stranglehold Conqueror has had on the rune system, it is still performing a bit too well compared to its peers, so we’re bringing it down a notch.

  • Full stack bonus damage: 10% / 7% → 8% / 6%


Nimbus Cloak hasn’t been giving the speed that we expected it to with the release of our new runes, so we’re increasing the cap of movement speed it provides after casting one of your Summoner Spells.

  • Movement speed: 5% - 25% → 5% - 35%


  • Shengel or River Shen, regardless of what you prefer to call Shen jungle, we’ve added this stealthy kinku to the jungle category.


May 26 - Jun 1: Amumu, Ekko, Jhin, Kayle, Pantheon, Rakan, Shyvana, Soraka, Vayne, Yasuo

Jun 2 - Jun 8: Braum, Galio, Gragas, Lulu, Miss Fortune, Renekton, Rengar, Singed, Varus, Ziggs