Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.001-18-2022 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.0

Welcome to Patch 3.0, the first patch of the year! A boss brawler is stepping up to the fight and Firecrackers are popping on the Rift! We have a test version of voice returning, balance changes for some champions and items, and a new Wild Pass has just flown in. This is Patch 3.0!

Voice chat is back for testing01-15-2022 Game Updates

Voice chat is back for testing

In Patch 3.0, the ability to voice chat with your premade team returns, starting with a test in the Americas, with other regions to follow. Read on for when you can expect to play, and why restoring voice eluded us for so long.

Random Champion Pose Chest01-13-2022 Community

Random Champion Pose Chest

Strike a new pose! Link your Wild Rift and Amazon Prime accounts to grab a Random Champion Pose Chest this week.

Wild Rift Esports Kicks Off Its First Official Season01-07-2022 Esports

Wild Rift Esports Kicks Off Its First Official Season

Wild Rift Esports kicks off season one in 2022!

Wild Rift in Season 202201-07-2022 Game Updates

Wild Rift in Season 2022

Uncover the newest Wild Rift updates, skins, and events for Season 2022.

Dunkmaster Darius Trailer01-06-2022 Announcements

Dunkmaster Darius Trailer

All aboard the dunk train! Dunkmaster Darius is ready to tear up the court and the Rift. Check out the trailer now.

PROJECT Boost01-05-2022 Announcements


New augmentation activated! Earn extra Blue Motes for playing games during the PROJECT Boost event.

Prime Gaming: Random Bauble Chest12-30-2021 Announcements

Prime Gaming: Random Bauble Chest

Add some pep to your post-teamfight step! Link your Wild Rift and Amazon accounts to unlock a random Bauble with Prime. For participating regions only.

PROJECT12-28-2021 Announcements


Objective: acquired. Target: rewards! Complete PROJECT event missions to earn cybernetic loot.