Game Updates
Patch 5.2 Preview
It’s innovation season! Fresh out of Piltover’s forges, David and John present patch 5.2: Hex Rift. July 18th, put your goggles on and be ready for a Rift and creatures you’ve never seen before!
Game Updates
Wild Rift Patch 5.1d
We are in the homerun of patch 5.1 now! Let’s see what we have in store for you.
Game Updates
Maokai Champion Overview
We don’t want you tripping all over your roots on June 14th UTC. So, WATCH THIS #ThroughTheMist
Game Updates
Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.1c
Look out Maokai saplings incoming!
Game Updates
Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.1b
Spoiler alert we are shipping not one, but two champion reworks this patch! Tune in and check it out.
Game Updates
Viego Champion Overview
This former king won’t stop until everybody shares his pain. Starting with the Rift on May 8th UTC! #ThroughTheMist
Never has ink been more powerful. Bask in the full beauty of Calligraphia! #StrokeofFortune
Dive into patch 5.1: Beyond Ruination
Patch 5.1 takes you #ThroughTheMist, in and out of game! Laura, Paul, and Anthony are here to guide you and lift the mist on this immersive patch!
Game Updates
Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.1a
Come one come all, It’s Viego time.
Calligraphia Feature
Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Calligraphia with us.
An Update on Wild Rift Esports in APAC
Changes coming to the WRL.
Beyond the Mist
Moments before reaching the Blessed Isles, Kalista’s fate is written in the mist. Be there on April 11th when it lifts! #ThroughTheMist