/dev: Wild Rift Esports

We’ve made plenty of announcements about our tournaments, but haven’t spoken too much about our goals. Join the Head of Wild Rift esports as he reveals his vision and philosophy for the game's competitive ecosystem.

  • Savannah Ho
  • Leo Faria
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    Savannah Ho

    Communications Specialist

    Savannah "Kitsunya" Ho is the Comms Specialist on Wild Rift. She's a chaotic good support who, in exchange for her lifesaving heals, taxes her team by securing kills.

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    Leo Faria

    Head of Wild Rift Esports

    Leo "Noharris" Faria is the Head of Wild Rift Esports. He oversees the sport globally and is the right person to yell at when your favorite team loses. When he's not climbing the ranks in Wild Rift, you can find him playing rock music and posting Foo Fighters covers online.