/dev: Irelia Dances Her Way to Wild Rift

Irelia hits the Rift soon! Join the game designer behind her original rework for a look at how we adapted the Blade Dancer for Wild Rift.

  • Savannah Ho
  • Sol Kim
  • sol_kim_authorimage

    Sol Kim

    Lead Champion Designer

    Sol "Solcrushed" Kim is the Lead Champion Designer in Wild Rift. He previously worked in League of Legends as a champion and balance designer for seven seasons, "ruining" countless champions in the process. Sol oversees the champion design to ensure the champion killing you is just as annoying in Wild Rift as it was in League.

  • SavannahHo_Authorimg.jpg

    Savannah Ho

    Communications Specialist

    Savannah "Kitsunya" Ho is the Comms Specialist on Wild Rift. She's a chaotic good support who, in exchange for her lifesaving heals, taxes her team by securing kills.