Wild Rift, Wild Stats

A look back at the past two years... with numbers!

Looking back at the past two years of Wild Rift has made us realize it’s been a wild ride, and we’re so honored you came along with us.

We wanted to take some time to look back at our journey and celebrate some milestones we hit with all of you.


Since Wild Rift launched, players around the world have been racking up the kills. In fact, you’ve gotten 2.2 Million kills within the first minute of games. But the kills don’t stop there—you’ve all been quite busy getting chain kills throughout the years.

Pentakills: 37,035,623

Quadra Kills: 177,067,425

Triple Kills: 979,273,821

God-likes: 682,149,487


While loads of you might be padding your KDAs, only 114,739,245 of you are true Hard Carries with over 30% of your team’s gold.

And if you’re wondering what champion to carry on, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Here’s a breakdown of the most common matchups in each lane (and their corresponding numbers).

So we meet again...

  • Baron Lane: Garen v Nasus (25.2 Million times), Garen v Darius (15.8 Million), Darius v Nasus (14.8 Million)
  • Jungle: Master Yi v Vi (34.4 Million), Master Yi v Lee Sin (29.9 Million), Master Yi v Xin Zhao (18.3 Million) Our takeaway here is to ban Master Yi.
  • Mid Lane: Ahri v Yasuo (26.9 Million), Zed v Yasuo (25.4 Million), Ahri v Zed (21 Million)
  • Drake Lane: Jinx v Ashe (44.7 Million), Jinx v Ezreal (33 Million), Ezreal v Ashe (24.8 Million)
  • Support: Lux v Blitz (31.5 Million), Lux v Seraphine (22.5 Million), Blitzcrank v Janna (18.8 Million)

And overall Yasuo, Master Yi, and Lux have the most games played ever.


Most of these champions have been in Wild Rift since the earliest games, though. And if you’re wondering how new ones have fared, let’s take a look at the top 10 most banned champions within the first 14 days they were in Wild Rift.

  1. Sett: 6,715,622 bans
  2. Kayle: 6,266,913 bans
  3. Brand: 5,689,402 bans
  4. Kassadin: 5,345,958 bans
  5. Akali: 4,402,512 bans
  6. Morgana: 4,283,474 bans
  7. Zed: 4,267,082 bans
  8. Pyke: 3,891,630 bans
  9. Veigar: 3,624,141 bans
  10. Ekko: 3,540,834 bans


The most “broken” champion (by patch) was... Rammus in Patch 3.3 at 56.5% win rate. Okay.

The weakest champion (by patch) was Yuumi at her launch in Patch 3.0 with a 41.8% win rate. Turns out the kitty didn’t have claws after all...

But don’t worry, they’re pretty balanced now.


Blitzcrank has received the most buffs with a whopping six patches. But Ashe, Soraka, and Tristana are close behind with five each.


On the other hand, Ziggs has had seven nerfs total and is the champ who has been hit hardest by the nerf hammer. Evelynn, Gragas, and Graves are trailing a little further out with five.

And if you’re wondering which champion is absolute balance perfection, never having received a buff or a nerf, look no further! Malphite is your guy... Rock? Mountain?


This is just a small number of the highs (and lows) we’ve gotten to experience with all of you since we launched Wild Rift. We can’t wait to see more of your insane plays in the years to come. Thank you for making all of this a reality and, as always, we’ll see you on the Rift.