/dev: Champion Roadmap

Mike “Rogue Fool” Breese has an update from the Champions team!

My dearest player base,

It is your hopefully still beloved champion designer Mike "RogueFool" Breese. I was sparked with the idea to write to you before I head out to the fields of battle. I’ve heard rumors that there’s plague rats feasting on those who stray from the pack, comrades falling asleep before vanishing by the hands of a starry eyed trickster. While the thought of bearing witness to such twisted acts of magic and wonder would keep anyone up at night, I know we must press on to forge champions and unleash them upon our foes.

Our expedition leader Alan Moore, of the good ship “The Wild Rift”, promised that this era would push us to the edge, and it has delivered. Over the past year my battalion released some of the most fearsome beasts you have ever seen. Our journey started with an overly clingy cat—what a pesky little thing. But it was not long before we met the Bloodharbor Ripper who took us out one by one while muttering about “some list”. When all hope felt lost, we encountered the undead juggernaut that ploughed through our ranks scattering us until we met a thrill-seeking daredevil. From where I sat, she seemed to care as much about looking stylish as she did doing her job. But this journey has not been only terror, for we also met Karma, a powerful spiritual leader. She taught us peace, and some new tricks. She was able to protect us during those dark nights…with what looked like a donut…I dare not question it.

While we encountered many new faces this year, I still recall that early foggy morning when we saw faces of old. The squadron and I were leaving the jungle, when I stepped on something that engulfed us in a cloud of purple smoke, and we heard demonic laughter. Coughing for what felt like hours, we were startled as we found ourselves surrounded by a little devil, a half-dragon, and the cunning nine-tailed fox…all ghosts from our pasts, but with the shine of something new. The encounter was a reminder to us that as our Rift grows older we’ll sometimes have to re-explore and re-visit our past adventures.

Amongst the wolf howls I have found a moment of peace in which I write to you about our plans for the remainder of this year's expedition. Our journey takes us through the home of one massive Darkin, and another man fighting to keep control, while many are excited for the challenge, some are not so bold and instead look to bring a touch of magic to the jungle.

When I first began to pen this letter I shared some of the rumors I’ve heard, but plans from expedition leader Moore are already underway for our next expedition in 2023. Our plan of attack says we’ll be heading underground to the seedy streets of Zaun, the captain said we’ll have to keep our wits about us during that expedition. After seeing so much chaos and darkness, I’m beginning to think that all these crows are spying on us, but maybe I’m just being paranoid. However, the Captain has assured we can still find sparks of joy and wonder, even when we least expect it.

The whisperings I’ve heard, along with what our captain shared, doesn’t cover everything we will face on our journey next year. There is plenty of excitement planned, and I wish I could sit here and pen you all more about some of the terrors and delights I’ll see in the coming year, but I must prepare for the journey ahead. Before I bid you all farewell, I want to wish you the best of luck on your current climb, and I hope that what we’re to bring you in 3.5 from our last journey assists you on your journeys in the jungle. Please do keep sending your clips, my team and I love to watch them by the bonfire. Farewell my dearest players, until I have more stories to share of our adventures.