24-02-2022Game Updates

Changes coming to high-skill Ranked play

We’re rolling out some short-term fixes to address your concerns around high-skill ranked play.

  • Josh Menke
  • Ben Forbes
  • Josh_Menke_-_Rakan.jpg

    Josh Menke

    Principal Game Designer

    Josh “Nextdoor” Menke is the Principal Game Designer on Wild Rift’s Player Engagement Team. He has spent the last 17 years creating matchmaking and ranking experiences for Blizzard, Call of Duty, and Halo, and is happy for the opportunity to do his best for Wild Rift!

  • BenForbes_Avatar.jpg

    Ben Forbes

    Communications Lead

    Ben “Draggles” Forbes is the comms lead on Wild Rift. He mains support, is from the UK, and… there’s probably a third thing but we can’t think of one right now.