December Random Emote Chest02-12-2022 Announcements

December Random Emote Chest

Feeling clever after a great play? Or maybe a little feisty? Express yourself with a Random Emote from Prime Gaming!

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.5a30-11-2022 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.5a

Chroma Crash Samira, Jinx, and Ekko make their arrival. We also have balance updates across the Rift, including some for One For All—Welcome to Patch 3.5a!

November Random Pose Chest17-11-2022 Announcements

November Random Pose Chest

Flex your KDA and then some with a Random Champion Pose from Prime Gaming!

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.516-11-2022 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.5

Slip through the shadows and slash your opponents with Kayn and Aatrox! Play as 5 Yuumi’s and pounce all over your foes in the new game mode One For All! We also have new items, runes, balance changes, as well as updates to the jungle! Welcome to Patch 3.5!

Wild Rift News November14-11-2022 Game Updates

Wild Rift News November

In this edition of Wild Rift News, we’re giving a run down of what's to come in Patch 3.5 before the Patch Notes notes come out as well as some updates on the new content from our dev team!

Supervillain Jhin14-11-2022 Announcements

Supervillain Jhin

Heroes everywhere, beware! Supervillain Jhin brings a diabolical new performance to Wild Pass Season 10.

Patch 3.5 Preview04-11-2022 Announcements

Patch 3.5 Preview

From blades of darkness to the sweetest dreams, we’re exploring it all in Patch 3.5: Darkin to Dawn, coming November 17 GMT+8! Join Jared and David from the Wild Rift team to talk new champions, changes for the jungle, upcoming events, and more.

November Random Skin Chest03-11-2022 Announcements

November Random Skin Chest

Drop style and killstreaks on the Rift with Prime Gaming rewards!

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.4c02-11-2022 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.4c

It’s time for the last balance patch of 3.4! Hunt down your foes and wreak havoc in the jungle, when we unleash Warwick onto the Rift this patch! We also have some balance updates before we close out 3.4 and head into 3.5!