Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0b21-02-2024 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0b

Champion changes, item changes, new events, we got it all!

Talon Champion Overview20-02-2024 Game Updates

Talon Champion Overview

Can you hear the whetstone? Talon is sharpening those daggers for February 23rd UTC!

February 2024 Random Bauble Chest13-02-2024 Announcements

February 2024 Random Bauble Chest

Show off on your solo kills with a Random Bauble Chest, free with Prime Gaming!

Happy Year of the Dragon!08-02-2024 Announcements

Happy Year of the Dragon!

The arrival of the Dragon is a cause for big celebrations all over the world. We don’t want to miss the chance to mark this occasion with plenty of goodies on the Rift!

A Spark in the Dark08-02-2024 Announcements

A Spark in the Dark

When all hope seems lost, sometimes all you need is a little spark to ignite that Dragonfire… Join Zeri and Aatrox in our event and experience the entire fire-fueled Dragon Lantern saga!

Dragon Lantern - Skin Feature07-02-2024 Announcements

Dragon Lantern - Skin Feature

The Year of the Dragon gave us the perfect occasion to marry cultural significance with some awesome designs for our Dragon Lantern Skin. Here’s a little sneak peek at what that process looked like!

Dev Update: Patch Cadence, Themes & Exciting Additions01-02-2024 Announcements

Dev Update: Patch Cadence, Themes & Exciting Additions

As the new year’s kicking off we want to share some of the exciting things coming your way. Sit down with David Xu, Wild Rift Product Lead, to look back on 2023 and get excited about what the Rift will have to offer in 2024!

Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0A31-01-2024 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0A

February will be a big month for us, and likewise, we got a big patch for you!

Wild Rift News January 202429-01-2024 Game Updates

Wild Rift News January 2024

Bundle up for the first Wild Rift News of the year!