Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.5a27-10-2021 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.5a

Eyes up, targets locked. Caitlyn and Jayce join Wild Rift in a few days time! We’re pausing balance updates soon in prep for the Horizon Cup, and there’s something spooky going on in the skins department. Here’s Patch 2.5a!

/dev: Making Sense of Matchmaking22-10-2021 Dev

/dev: Making Sense of Matchmaking

Matchmaking and Ranked are core parts of Wild Rift, but how do they actually work? Lead game designer Josh Menke is here to pull back the curtains on MMR, “loser queue”, and why Gold and Emerald players sometimes end up in the same game.

/dev: Guilds and GvG21-10-2021 Dev

/dev: Guilds and GvG

Game designer Myles Salholm gives the inside scoop on how and why Guilds are coming to Wild Rift.

Way of the Dragonmancers20-10-2021 Announcements

Way of the Dragonmancers

A dragon's power awaits. Choose your element in the Way of the Dragonmancers event, and claim victory for your team to earn an exclusive icon.

Veigar’s Arrival15-10-2021 Announcements

Veigar’s Arrival

Shrink before his terrible power! Tremble at the vile villainy! And learn how to unlock the Tiny Master of Evil and other nefarious rewards during Veigar’s Arrival!

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.514-10-2021 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.5

NYEHEHEHE! A lair-load of updates is headlined by Veigar, the tiniest and evillest of yordles. Also in 2.5: Guilds, matchmaking upgrades, a rework in the jungle and a ton of balance changes in preparation for next month’s Horizon Cup.

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Veigar Champion Overview14-10-2021 Game Updates

Veigar Champion Overview

Even death trembles in his presence! Show them true villainy with Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil—coming to Wild Rift on October 14 PT.

Upgrades Coming to the Wild Pass Season 312-10-2021 Announcements

Upgrades Coming to the Wild Pass Season 3

Hexplorer Tristana is bringing the boom! Get ready for Wild Pass Season 3.

Guilds: How It Works12-10-2021 Announcements

Guilds: How It Works

Find your next 5-stack, customize your profile, and earn sweet new rewards with Guilds! Learn more here.