Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.0a01-02-2023 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.0a

We’re launching two new mechanics, base burning and inhibitor respawns as well as balance updates across the Rift! Welcome to Patch 4.0a!

January Random Recall Chest16-01-2023 Announcements

January Random Recall Chest

Add some personality to every reset with a Random Recall from Prime Gaming! Earn it when you link your Wild Rift account.

Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.011-01-2023 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.0

It’s time zip and zap into Wild Rift’s first patch of the year! Zoe makes her debut, All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) mode returns, Lunar New Year celebrations, Ranked S8, a new Wild Pass, and much more! Welcome to Patch 4.0!

Mythmaker Skins Preview11-01-2023 Game Updates

Mythmaker Skins Preview

Every fold and cut brings us one step closer to a paper masterpiece! Show off your creativity with Mythmaker Gwen, Caitlyn, Zoe, Camille, and Seraphine on January 12 UTC.

Lunar Revel 2023 Event Trailer11-01-2023 Game Updates

Lunar Revel 2023 Event Trailer

Come revel in the celebration with delectable food! Team up to cook delicious dishes in Lunar Feast, and earn rewards as you serve them to some familiar faces from Mythmaker. The first order comes in on January 12 UTC!

Hop On11-01-2023 Announcements

Hop On

All aboard—we're taking off! Come along on this magical bus for the adventure of a lifetime!

Wild Rift News January06-01-2023 Game Updates

Wild Rift News January

It's time to celebrate Lunar New Year! We’re giving a rundown of what's to come in Patch 4.0 and sharing some of the updates we’ll be bringing to celebrate the New Year with you!

December Random Bauble Chest29-12-2022 Announcements

December Random Bauble Chest

No need to speak when a Random Bauble can do it for you. Connect your Wild Rift account to @primegaming to get one for free!

Patch 4.0 Preview23-12-2022 Announcements

Patch 4.0 Preview

Patch 4.0 is sure to put some new year’s pep (and portals) in your step! Join the Wild Rift team in this Patch Preview to hear about our newest champions, gameplay changes, events, and more in the Rising Spark update. Coming January 12 UTC.