Pool Party06-17-2021 Announcements

Pool Party

Dive into the Pool Party! Come make a splash and earn some poolside rewards.

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.3a06-16-2021 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.3a

Surf’s up! Patch 2.3a is here, featuring a host of balance changes for champions, items, summoner spells, and more. Dive into the festivities and make a splash at the Pool Party event!

Broken Blades06-02-2021 Announcements

Broken Blades

A blade can always be sharper. Choose Irelia or Riven, then complete their missions to unlock unique rewards.

Broken Blades Champion Trailer06-02-2021 Game Updates

Broken Blades Champion Trailer

Your weapon is only as powerful as your will. Hone your skills with Irelia and Riven during the Broken Blades event.

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.306-02-2021 Game Updates

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.3

Patch 2.3 is here, featuring Riven, Irelia, the Broken Blades event, brand new runes, fun ways to level up with friends, a suite of network tools, an Akali rework, more Arcade skins, and the return of ARAM!

Irelia Champion Overview06-01-2021 Game Updates

Irelia Champion Overview

Battle has a rhythm all its own. Dance across the battlefield with Irelia, the Blade Dancer—surging soon into Wild Rift.

/dev: Irelia Dances Her Way to Wild Rift05-31-2021 Dev

/dev: Irelia Dances Her Way to Wild Rift

Irelia hits the Rift soon! Join the game designer behind her original rework for a look at how we adapted the Blade Dancer for Wild Rift.

/dev diary: Patch 2.3 Preview05-29-2021 Dev

/dev diary: Patch 2.3 Preview

Join Alan “RiotMirross” Moore for a rundown of the latest patch coming to Wild Rift.

/dev: Runes in Patch 2.305-26-2021 Dev

/dev: Runes in Patch 2.3

Patch 2.3 brings rune updates to provide more choice and variety in your pre-game setups.