/dev: Thresh Re-Fleshed and the Viego No-Go

Much like living in Runeterra right now, developing League comes with its fair share of surprises and challenges. Here are two behind-the-scenes stories about bringing Thresh and Viego to Wild Rift.

  • Alan Moore
  • Ben Forbes
  • AlanMoore_Authorimg.jpg

    Alan Moore

    Game Director

    Alan “Mirross” Moore is Wild Rift’s Game Director. He directs the overall player experience and development priorities for the game, and brews his own themed beer for Wild Rift milestones.

  • BenForbes_Avatar.jpg

    Ben Forbes

    Communications Lead

    Ben “Draggles” Forbes is the comms lead on Wild Rift. He mains support, is from the UK, and… there’s probably a third thing but we can’t think of one right now.