Introducing RiotGO with Singtel

We’ve teamed up with Singtel to offer Singaporean players exclusive Wild Rift content bundles, unlimited data-free gameplay and more.

  • Mark "Westbourne" Sargeant


RiotGO is a new product we’ve launched with selected telecommunication carriers across SEA. Through a single purchase, you’ll receive in-game content and waived data charges when you play League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Can I upgrade to RIOTGO plus?

Our upgrade and downgrade policies vary by carrier partner. For Singapore and Singtel, mid-plan upgrades or downgrades are not available. You’ll need to cancel your existing RiotGO plan and resubscribe for RiotGO+ if you wish to upgrade, and vice-versa if you’d like to downgrade.

Can I use RIOTGO outside of my country?

As long as you have an active mobile number and mobile plan in the country you purchased RiotGO in, you will be able to use RiotGO anywhere. Just remember to watch out for any international data roaming charges, as our carrier partners typically classify international roaming data differently from local data consumption.

I didn't receive an item. What next?

If you believe you didn’t receive your items in full or on time, we’ll work with our carrier partners to understand what went wrong and how we can help. Please reach out to us here: RiotGO@riotgames.com

Where can I purchase RIOTGO?

RiotGO will be purchasable from selected telecommunication partner channels. For Singapore, RiotGO is exclusively available through the MySingtel App. You must have an active Singtel number to be eligible.

Who do I contact for support?

If you have issues with your telecommunication plan, for example, if you’ve been overcharged for data or did not authorize a transaction, please contact the carrier you purchased RiotGO from. 

If you’re facing any issues (e.g. can't receive items, missing items, perhaps you found some bugs to squash) or if you have any feedback, you can contact our Player Support team by visiting https://support-wildrift.riotgames.com/ 

Will I own the RIOTGO content?

In-game items provided by RiotGO are provided on a time-limited basis. As long as you have an active RiotGO plan with Riot’s selected carrier partners, we will update and refresh the items provided to you every 30 days. If you subscribe to RiotGO+, there is a RiotGO chest that unlocks a permanent item that you’ll get to own forever.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

RiotGO benefits provided by your carrier (e.g. free mobile data) will typically expire at the end of your next billing cycle. The benefits and items provided by Riot will typically continue to be provided on a 30-day cycle, until your carrier informs Riot to stop providing those benefits.