/dev: Behind Wild Rift Events

Events can take up to a year of planning, design and development. Get a glimpse behind the scenes about how an event in Wild Rift gets made!

  • Juno Blees
  • Amy Tian
  • Bao Nguyen
  • JunoBlees_authorimg.jpg

    Juno Blees

    Events Lead

    Juno “Junosaur” Blees is Wild Rift’s events lead. She is a washed up League of Legends Challenger who loves games with rich lore and worldbuilding. Juno has previously worked on League of Legends and Riot Esports before she started making events on Wild Rift.

  • AmyTian_authorimg.jpg

    Amy Tian

    Revenue Strategist

    Amy “ShinsukeTakasugi” Tian is a revenue strategist, currently working on events. Outside of games, she enjoys drawing and painting. A certain Final Fantasy XIV villain has been reduced to the cuddly critter known as Amy’s orange tabby.

  • BaoNguyen_authorimg.jpg

    Bao Nguyen

    Game Designer

    Bao “ShinKaigan” Nguyen is a game designer on Wild Rift. Once upon a time, he won a world championship in the mobile MOBA Vainglory. Now he spends his days designing new events and getting styled on by players on the Rift.