09-07-2022Game Updates

Elemental Rift Overview

With the release of Patch 3.3, Elemental Rift will be officially taking over! Read all about how these changes will transform your gameplay and how this new buff came to be!

  • Adnan Mirza
  • Mike Breese
  • Alice Labrecque
  • AdnanMirza_authorimg.jpg

    Adnan Mirza

    Producer, Maps and Modes

    Adnan “Sheiky” Mirza is the producer for Maps and Modes on Wild Rift. When he’s not planning out all the new modes for Wild Rift, he spends his time cultivating lame jokes and playing video games.

  • MikeBreese_Authorimg.jpg

    Mike Breese

    Game Designer

    Mike "RogueFool" Breese is a Game Designer on the Champions and Controls teams. He is always excited to try any new coop or Roguelike games.

  • AliceL_Authorimg.jpg

    Alice Labrecque

    Comms Specialist

    Alice “a tiny frogo” Labrecque is a frog. Ribbit.