Regional Open Beta Now Live

Annnnd we’re live! See what goodies we have in store as we celebrate Regional Open Beta.

Yes! At last! Our Regional Open Beta is now live to all players in Europe, Turkey, Russia & CIS, Middle East and North Africa. You can download it here right this very second.

We appreciate the patience, feedback, and enthusiasm from players around the world who helped make this possible; we can’t wait to see where you take us from here.

To kick off the launch of Regional Open Beta in your region, we united players from around the world for a big, Baron-sized battle. Together, you faced everyone’s favorite acid-spitting river serpent, Baron Nashor, in a YouTube Livestream and triumphed—congratulations!

Now, get hyped for the Open Beta with our cinematic trailer and gameplay trailer right here:

All that is fine and good, you think. But what about loot? Champs? Skins? Give me the goods! You’ll get all that and more during our Rift-to-Rift Rewards event. All you have to do is play the game! You can track down more details in this article article.

So...what are you waiting for? We’re ready when you are.